A downloadable nodelogic for Windows



  • MouseButtonLeft - move nodes,connect and select
  • MouseButtonRight - change zoom
  • MouseButtonMiddle - move camera
  • D-duplicate node
  • Delete-delete node


Simple logic simulator made on unity.

Have all basic and more other logic gates:

  1. And
  2. Or
  3. Not
  4. Nand
  5. Nor
  6. Xor
  7. Xnor
  8. JK trigger
  9. SR trigger
  10. Push button
  11. Toggle button
  12. Delay
  13. Pulse
  14. Clock
  15. Bit display
  16. RGB display with 9 colors
  17. Label


Video demonstation:


build_1_0_v.rar 14 MB


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Great work! im just wondering how can i change the line color when it is activated/deactivate. and how can i connect two inpoints or two outpoints? I like your work! great inspiration :) 

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Sorry to be so late. Lines are white sprites, when the value changes, the color of the sprite changes. For one point, it is enough to have a link to another to draw a line at two points. All code is available with open source, you can see there.